Where do I even begin?! Do I say I’m a mom of two crazy little girls who drive me up a wall somedays or do I say I’m a bada$$ mom who but who has nothing figured out? Do I tell you about how I struggle daily to keep my sanity? Or do I keep that to myself? It’s so hard creating an ‘introduction’ to a bunch of strangers and trying to remain true to who I am as a person, a woman, a wife, a mother

Becoming friends with someone usually means you first need to know about the person. So here we go- I LOVE sour candy (you can keep your chocolate); catch me on a beach somewhere sipping on a white claw (If only I didn’t live up north where the winters are brutal); I’ll be singing my heart out to a mix of Broadways, old 2000’s punk songs, or some random oldie from the 60’s; I love shopping (who doesn’t); I’m an avid Murder Podcast listener and scary movie lover; and on the weekends I’m a wedding photographer. Most importantly, I am a mommy to my two girls November Irene and Luna Dorothy. I’ve been married for three years but have known my husband for over half my life (there’s plenty of shenanigan stories to share). All my friends and family call my Libby and I only am called Elizabeth when I’m in big trouble

My desire is to use this to connect with other women in the same stage of life or soon to be. Because motherhood is scary enough, you don’t need to feel like you’re alone.  I strive to be authentic and not afraid to tackle the subjects that most shy away from. One day I might be talking about the depths of PPD and the next I’m going to be sharing with you ideas on how to survive toddlerhood. I’ll throw in the different home decor ideas I’m attempting to bring to life from Pinterest (and don’t worry I’ll share the fails as well), the occasional steal of a deal I’m finding as I ‘window shop’ my favorite online stores, and as the girls get older I can’t wait to dive head first into homeschooling! All in all my hope is you feel comfortable here and you find something that you can relate to. There’s room here for friends and strangers alike, you can always sit at my table.