Trying to find scents that are manly and don’t have a bunch of unknowns in them are few and far between. @thegrandpasoapcompany has perfected it though. Amazing nature-y, lumberjack-y scents that remind you of the great outdoors and not some bad perfume shop in France.

A huge plus is they are all vegan, 100% cruelty free, & biodegradable. As Nate was trying out their pine tar soap he said it reminded him of a campfire (in a good way lol) What I really like about their company is it’s family owned and operated here in the United States since 1936!

They not only have bar soaps but also shampoos, conditioners, and salt blocks infused with CBD. I’m loving (and stealing from Nate) their witch hazel products which smell amazing. If you’re needing some stocking stuffers or last minute gifts for your dad, husband, or yourself…make sure you go check out their shop! xoxo

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